Reverse Osmosis Systems

Residential - 50 Gallons Per Day

Water is fed into a sediment cartridge for the removal of dirt, sediment, silt, etc. Water is then fed into a carbon cartridge filter for the removal of chlorine and odors. The water is then fed into the reverse osmosis membrane. Reverse osmosis is a scientific application where dissolved contaminants in water are removed by passing water under high pressure through a membrane. Pores in the reverse osmosis membrane are so small that only water molecules pass through. The contaminants are rejected and drained away to the sewer. The water then enters into a storage tank/ Once the water is dispensed through the faucet, the water passes through one final carbon polishing filter.


  • Dissolved contaminants (Total dissolved solids)

Please Note:

Water must not contain any bacteria, iron or manganese. Hardness levels should not exceed 20 g.p.g.

System Includes:

  • Sediment prefilter
  • Carbon post filter
  • Reverse osmosis membrane
  • Storage tank
  • Shutoff valve
  • Inline post carbon filter
  • Optional (Booster pump for low pressure installations)


In-Line ultra-violet (eliminate 99.9% of bacteria)

Time for pure water?

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