Residential Water Coolers

Glacier Springs Patented Self-Filling Water Cooler

  • Eliminates the high cost of bottled water
  • Self filling reservoir – never runs out of Purified Water
  • 1.5 gallon reservoir
  • No more lifting of those heavy water bottles
  • Eliminates those monthly water bills that will last FOREVER
  • Costs only pennies per gallon
  • Ideal for home or office
  • Easily plumbed into any water line
  • Guaranteed to be as good or better than most bottled water
  • Better tasting coffee, tea, juices, soups, etc…
  • State of the art technology – reverse osmosis and activated carbon
  • R0 18 (produces approx. 2-3 gallons in 24 hours)
  • Can be removed and installed elsewhere
  • Easily expanded – can be connected to coffee makers
  • Healthier for all employees and clients
  • No annual increase in price of water – you always know what your water bill is going to be
  • Healthier plants and pets
  • Ultra-violet disinfection (optional)
  • Why not use your own water? You are already paying for it!


All Glacier Springs Residential Models come with a 4 year limited warranty.

For more information on how the Glacier Springs Water Cooler will provide you with Purified Water and save you money contact us today!

Time for pure water?

We'll design the ideal custom solution for your whole environment!

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