Residential Systems

The Water Clinic custom designs systems for every type of water situation. We have over 38 years of experience in the water treatment business and have ran into every type of situation out there!!! Here at The Water Clinic we have more then just one option. You may not need to spend thousands of dollars to fix your water. Here are just some of the few systems that we install for your residential customers!!

Check out our most popular systems

Multi tech separator system

The multi-tech separator is designed and engineered to remove tannin (color), reduce total dissolved solids and hardness up to 90%, reduce nitrates, sodium and sulphates up to 90%.

Inline chlorination system

The inline system uses the same technology as major cities throughout North America.  It specializes in removing iron, algae and manganese (black slime). 

Liquid peroxide system

Peroxide systems oxidize iron, manganese and will eliminate hydrogen sulphide gas (rotten egg odor).
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  • Some of our Installs

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