Easy to Read Instructions
Pre-programed buttons
Fiberglass Cabinet with a durable, attractive design
Stainless Steel, Folding 1 Gallon Shelf
Carbon Filtration / Ultraviolet Disinfection
Overflow pump

Ideal For:

Grocery and Convenience Stores
Health Food Stores
Dollar Stores
Hardware Stores
Car Washes
Gas Stations
Any Retail Operation

Available Options:

Built-In Water Bottle Ozone Sterilizer
Private Labelling
Coin Operation (Canadian or US Coins)
English, French, Spanish

Specs and Leasing:

67″ H x 19.5″ D x 17″ W
Approx. 80lbs
Terms up to 60 months (OAC)

Meagan Craig

- Review from Google

Lorena Gould

- Review from Google
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