Air Injection Iron Filter


Air injected iron filters use oxygen to oxidize iron and manganese. Most of the air injection filters made today use some type of venturi to induce air in front of the existing pressure tank once. Once the oxygen is induced into the water line and then into the pressure tank for contact time, iron and manganese will be oxidized. The filter is then designed to remove the oxidized iron and manganese. Air injection filters are effective in the removal of hydrogen sulphide gas.

System Includes:

  • Mineral Tank
  • 5 Stage Media Mineral Bed
  • Control Valve
  • By-Pass Valve
  • Air Injection Valve (Venturi)


  • Iron
  • Manganese
  • Odor (H2S)

Please note:

Air injection filters are not guaranteed to remove iron bacteria, manganese bacteria, coliform bacteria and E.coli bacteria. Service flow rates of 5 g.p.m. are a minimum requirement for effective backwashing. The presence of iron and manganese bacteria could eventually cement the mineral bed together. The presence of coliform and E.coli bacteria could make the media bed ideal for breeding bacteria. Once oxygen is induced into water where bacteria is present, it could accelerate bacteria growth.