I don’t have the words to rightfully explain how much I enjoy my water system. I now enjoy my baths (every time) again, after only showering for many, many years. I make my morning coffee every morning straight from the tap! I can buy white clothes and sheets and towels and comforters and …. Well you get the idea! I will recommend your services to anyone who has ears, thank you all so much!
Rob and Maria Naismith
Young, SK
We are very happy with our water, our skin is not as dry, our hair feels softer and all of our taps are staying clean. Also we have peace of mind knowing that our hot water heater and the rest of our water equipment will last longer. The financing was easy and very affordable. We will recommend the product to others we know for sure.
Will Watts
Marsden, SK
We are so happy we no longer need to carry water jugs and softener salt from the store to the car, and the car to the house!!! The installer was here when he said would be and got right down to business. Yes you can use us as references for the Water Clinic system, we are very pleased with it!
Cindy and Darryl Zacharias
Grandora, SK


System Hardness:
1136.32 mg/l

System Total Dissolved Solids:
1961.45 mg/l

System Conductivity:
2680 uS/cm


System Hardness:
0.65 mg/l

System Total Dissolved Solids:
30.7 mg/l

System Conductivity:
58 uS/cm

Jarrod Kuhn
Acadia Valley, AB