Step by Step Business Opportunity

Step by Step Business Opportunity

PUREAQUA SD2000 and SD3000 Bottled Water Vending System Business Opportunity Program

  • NO office or warehouse required
  • NO need to quit your present job
  • NO overhead or utilities
  • NO staff required
  • Recession proof

The program is as follows:

Step 1 – We will supply you with all brochure material and train you to find your own locations such as convenience stores, grocery stores, dollar stores, service stations etc. If you are unable to find the locations, we will appoint someone to complete that work for you.

Here are the following criteria when choosing the right locations:

  1. The location must have good and accessible parking
  2. The location must presently have a minimum of 100 customers per day
  3. The location should be geared towards the middle to lower income
  4. The machine should be installed as close as possible to the front door
  5. Can an outdoor sign be displayed on the property?

Step 2 – Once the criteria are met, a 5 year agreement is signed between you and the store owner.

Step 3 – The PUREAQUA system is delivered and installed


Your Commitment:

  • Purchase or lease the machine(s)
  • Visit the locations once a month to read a water meter to determine how much water is being sold
  • Issue an invoice and keep 70% of the total sales and the retail store keeps the balance of 30%
  • Up to 2 days per month is required to start which can earn you up to $10,000.00 per month depending on the amount of machines placed

PUREAQUA Exclusive Territory/Leasing/Advertising

  • Exclusive distributor must agree to purchase the required amount of PUREAQUA systems in a specified time period in order to maintain exclusive distribution for their region.
  • The Water Clinic and PUREAQUA are registered throughout Canada
  • The Water Clinic continues to work and market corporate Canada and once a corporate contract is granted to The Water Clinic, the contract will be automatically forwarded to the exclusive distributor for that region
  • Leads that are generated from The Water Clinic’s national advertising campaign will also be forwarded to the distributor for that region.
  • You can start this business for as low as $400.00 which would include two machines on our lease program. Distributor can either purchase the PUREAQUA systems outright or lease over a 5 year term in which the distributor will own the system outright.
  • Leasing company can offer the payments as low as $99.00 for the first three months and then average monthly payment would be $195.00 – $350.00 depending on the capacity required.
  • Flyer advertising consists of two mail drops of 5000 flyers and also signage. (Cost to distributor is $2,000.00) as this cost can be added to the lease.

PUREAQUA Return on Investment

  • History of the program should generate a minimum of $1,000.00 in sales monthly after 1 year of operation providing the proper locations are selected. Please remember that you keep 70% of the monthly total sales!
  • 1 machine after 1 year – $1,000.00 monthly
  • 10 machines after 1 year – $10,000.00 monthly
  • 50 machines after 1 year – $50,000.00 monthly
  • 100 machines after 1 year – $100,000.00 monthly

PUREAQUA Placement Program


1 – 10,000

10,000 – 100,000

100,000 – 500,000

500,000 – 1,000,000

1,000,000 +

= 1 PUREAQUA system per 3,000 (1 year to complete)

= 1 PUREAQUA system per 8,000 (2 years to complete)

= 1 PUREAQUA system per 12,000 (2-5 years to complete)

= 1 PUREAQUA system per 15,000 (5-7 years to complete)

= 1 PUREAQUA system per 18,000 (5-9 years to complete)

Population will be based on the approximate trading area.