Bottled Water Vending History

Bottled Water Vending History

5 Gallons/18.9 liters of bottled water for $.99

If you could choose an ideal business for yourself, wouldn’t it include most, if not all of the following?

Having a business with an instant cash flow and no down years:

Your income starts as soon as your bottled water vending machine is on location. People have been buying from vending machines day in and day out through times of recession as well as times of inflation, literally, for centuries.

Having an all cash business:

There are no bad checks, bad credit risks, overdue accounts receivable, or other collection problems. Water vending is the ideal all cash business.

Having a year-round business without seasonal fluctuation:

Everyone drinks water every day of the year in the world. The product will never go out of fashion nor ever be replaced. Hot weather, cold weather, daytime, nighttime, winter, spring, summer, or fall. Water is a drink for anytime, all the time.

Having a business with no personal selling involved:

Your vending machines do all the selling for you allowing you to work smart instead of hard. Vending machines are considered the ideal sales people because they don’t call in sick and are never later for work. They never insult the customer, lie to them, give away samples or steal the profits. They never take bad checks, expired credit cards or give credit. They collect in advance and then deliver a quality product immediately, time and time again.

Having a business with no overhead, rent, utilities or office space:

You can work out of your home instead of a costly office. No secretary is needed. Your machines are placed in locations that already have a built-in, captive, customer base where they are familiar with the location. They will appreciate having this unique amenities and valuable health resource so conveniently located. The store owner is also responsible for the costs of the water and electricity to operate the system.

Having a business with variable hours and lots of time off:

Once your vending machine is on location, it does all of the work. It never needs restocking and is on the job 24/7/365. On average, it takes only 10 minutes every other month to service the machine and collect the cash. It never runs out of the product to sell which results in no lost sales!!

Having a family oriented business:

Being able to involve members of your family in an honest practical business which offers major advantages. You can work with your wife and children in an environment that lets you teach successful business principals, sound personal ethics and good work habits.

It’s time to work for your own future ……..

Just a few of the many advantages of vending bottled water:

  1. All cash business
  2. No seasons, demand for safe drinking water is a year round business
  3. No waste, breakage or spoilage
  4. No product cost
  5. Minimal overhead expenses
  6. No truck or moving equipment necessary
  7. Low capital investment
  8. Rapid payback on your investment
  9. Very high percentage return on your investment
  10. No special tools required
  11. Easy to upgrade locations
  12. Set your own work schedule
  13. No employees required
  14. No office or warehouse needed
  15. No accounts receivable
  16. No delinquent accounts to collect
  17. No supervisors or bosses
  18. No inventory or restocking needed
  19. Steady, predictable income
  20. No Worker’s Compensation premiums
  21. No Social Security contributions
  22. No Unemployment Insurance premiums
  23. Unlimited money making locations
  24. Never run out of product. No lost sales ever!!!
  25. One of the best retirement savings program available!!!

What can I earn owning and operating a water vending machine?

If you are not familiar with the concept of water vending machines, you should read the following explanations for a better understanding.

One misconception should be avoided right from the beginning – water vending machines are in no way comparable to any other type of vending machines or vending operations. Water vending machines are unique as they are connected to a water supply (usually municipally treated water) which automatically purifies the incoming water.

This means:

A)   No products to purchase – meaning your cost is “0”

B)   No refilling by hand – the machines fill up themselves

In a water vending operation – it’s a win-win situation for everyone involved:

Customers, who bring their own bottles and containers, can now purchase high quality water at a fraction of the cost. In some cases consumers could be saving up to 80% of bottled water. The store owner, where the machine is installed makes his usual 30% commission for providing a place for installation, so he makes the same profit margin as on other products. Furthermore the machine is attracting new customers to his business which could lead to huge spin offs because of the low price of water.

Water vending machines are also different, as they are equipped with a lot of expensive and sophisticated components and are considered more expensive than “just product vending machines”.

Please read on to understand the history behind this successful concept of water vending, where you can start small with just one machine on a part-time basis and become part of a huge network.

For many years, water vending machines have become well established in most states of the USA, especially in the sunbelt states from Florida to California, and also in other countries around the world. The people of Australia, New Zealand, Guam, the Philippines and Taiwan have readily accepted the concept of water vending. Both small and large companies are concentrating on the operation of water vending machines and made it their number one business. Some operators start small with one or two machines and slowly increase their business from a home business to a lucrative full time vending operation while other operators have become so successful, that they are listed on the stock exchange.

There are now several manufacturers of water vending machines in the world. Each manufacturer claims certain benefits and advantages, some machines are basic filtration machines only where the better quality machines incorporate proper pre-treatment followed by reverse osmosis and finally an ultra violet light system for final disinfection. Some machines are made of steel which are less expensive than fiberglass. Fiberglass will resist more corrosion than steel and will have a longer lifespan. Components and quality machine coin acceptors, pumps and solenoids are different, and also the prices of the machines are based on quality not quantity, but as the old saying goes “you get what you pay for”.

One important fact to remember is when you are purifying water to sell to the public, quality of equipment and the quality of water that you produce is vital to ensure you success. In the past years, manufacturers of water vending machines have tried to improve their products by adding all kinds of different electronic gadgets and features, from remote control to computerization to wireless access. Production was streamlined, so as to reduce space and new materials and new modern looking designs were used. Everyone tried to make their products more interesting to differentiate it from other manufacturers. The more options that are incorporated into the machine simply mean more maintenance, more upkeep costs and possibly more downtime.

The bottled water market has been changing over the last few years and it’s time for manufacturers to change their market. Bottled water delivery companies may see their markets shrink drastically due to the fact that PUREAQUA self serve bottled water vending system will revolutionize the way consumers purchase water.

Up till now, for a vending machine operator it was not very difficult to make the right decision in choosing a supplier as basically all machines offered similar features. The decision to purchase a PUREAQUA machines is as follows:

A)   Performance, technology and aesthetics

B)   Territory protection

C)   Purchase from a manufacturer and not just a dealer or a distributor

D)   The location and back up service the manufacturer could provide

E)   The salesmanship of the manufacturers representative

F)   Customer references

G)   The manufacturing companies’ reputation within the industry

H)   Only system of its kind with a built in ozone bottle and cap sterilization system. This added feature eliminates possible huge liabilities

I)   And finally……..PRICE