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The Stainers: Iron & Manganese

Chlorination: Bacterial Iron
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All elements come together in the well where the bacteria precipitates the iron and a bio fouling mass called OCHRE is formed - a sticky, slimy deposit that clogs and plugs water systems. The slime producing BACTERIA can convert sulfates in water to corrosive hydrogen sulfide gas or a musty smell. Because of the biological action, water from the well can contain more iron than found in ground water.

Further Research
Tests conducted by the University of Florida indicate that there are many types of iron precipitating bacteria that combine with iron and nutrients in natural ground water and form a bio fouling mass called OCHRE. While the ochre and bacteria are harmless to humans, it plugs wells and water systems. Further tests show that eliminating the bacteria by chlorination prevents the formation of ochre and the iron that is precipitated is a non-sticky, porous substance that DOES NOT deposit on water system surfaces.

Pump Impeller Benefits & Features

  • Eliminates bacterial iron at its source
  • Dissolves ochre iron deposits
  • Eliminates the growth of the bio fouling mass ochre
  • Deep well chlorination treats and protects the entire water system continuously
  • Easiest user-operable chlorinator available
  • Uses dry chlorine pellets
  • Eliminates hydrogen sulfide algae, slime and nuisance bacteria
  • First step treatment to total iron removal
  • EPA registered pellets approved for drinking water
  • Fully adjustable

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Biological Action In Well Water

Bacterial Iron Plugging Water System