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The Stainers: Iron & Manganese

Removal: Sequestration By Chemical Feeding
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Another process which is available for the treatment of water containing dissolved iron and manganese is known as sequestration. Food grade polyphosphate compounds are fed into the water by a chemical feeder or a chemical feed pump, and these compounds react chemically with the dissolved iron and manganese ions to keep them in solution and thus prevent problems caused by staining and deposition in pipes and water-using equipment.

Chemical feeders are generally of a tank-type design utilizing one or both of the feed-rate control factors of solubility of the chemical compound and flow rate through the dispenser. For a greater degree of feed-rate control, some chemical feeders incorporate pressure differential devices and/or precision orifices or regulator valves within the feeder itself or installed in the water line. The polyphosphate compound in liquid solution can also be added to the water by means of a chemical feed pump which can be set to inject a specific amount of the solution into the water at regular intervals.

NOTE: The determination of which treatment method is best should be made only after careful consideration of many factors such as economics, water quality characteristics, the end use to which the water is to be put, temperature variances of the water to be treated, the inherent limitations of the available treatment technology, and others. This determination can best be made by your local water treatment representatives and they should be consulted prior to the purchase and installation of any water treatment equipment.

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