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Bacteriological Safety

Emergency Disinfection Procedures
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If contamination of a water supply is suspected, either of the following emergency measures may be used to disinfect the water sufficiently to make it safe for human consumption. It should be emphasized that these are emergency measures only, and that the cause of the contamination and corrective action should be instituted as soon as possible.


Heat the contaminated water to boiling and let it boil for fifteen minutes prior to use. This should kill any harmful bacteria present in the water.


Add 1 ounce of ordinary household bleach (such as Clorox, Linco, etc.) to 11/2 gallons of the contaminated water and let it stand for several minutes. Although the water will have a strong, objectionable chlorine taste, it will be safe to drink. After allowing sufficient time for disinfection by this method, the chlorine content of the water can be reduced by heating or aerating the water, or allowing it to stand for a longer period of time. For disinfecting higher or lower quantities of contaminated water, use one part of chlorine bleach to 5,000 parts of water by weight.

NOTE: The determination of which treatment method is best should be made only after careful consideration of many factors such as economics, water quality characteristic, the end use to which the water is to be put, temperature variances of the water to be treated, the inherent limitations of the available treatment technology, and others. This determination can best be made by your local water treatment representatives and they should be consulted prior to the purchase and installation of any water treatment equipment.

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