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Hydrologic Cycle

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Most of us assume our tap water is pure and clean...but is it?

Our drinking water supplies face new threats of contamination every day from industrial sites, overflowing landfills, aging sewage treatment plants and the careless use of chemicals.

Many contaminants are tasteless and invisible, and now, even the chlorine used to disinfect water has been identified as a possible health hazard. The only way to guarantee your water quality is to look after it yourself, with a system from The Water Clinic.

Why don't municipalities do a better job of treating our water?

The city does a very good job of treating the water, but they are limited by financial constraints. They do filter, settle, coagulate and disinfect the water with chlorine or chloramine. However, it would not be economical for them to remove all of the impurities because of how we actually use the water they produce.

The cost of treating your water is passed on to the consumer in the form of taxes. And, if the cities were required to remove ALL of the impurities from all of the water they produce, we would be fighting fires, watering lawns and filling swimming pools with very high quality water. This would be a tremendous waste of your tax dollars. It is just not cost effective for the cities to treat their water any more than they currently do because of how the water they produce is utilized.

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