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Water Hardness

Hard Water Problems
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The Facts on the Cost of Hard
& Mineral Contaminated water from:

Good HousekeepingNew Mexico State University
Health & Welfare CanadaMacleans Magazine

Costs due to Hard Water:
Repairs & Replacement of plumbing & related products$10.00
Coffee's, Creams & Sugars$5.00
Personal care items. ie: Hand and skin care products$10.00
Excessive wear on clothes in the wash$25.00
Extra fuel to heat hot water heater$25.00
Extra fuel to heat hot water heater$10.00
Excessive use of soaps, shampoos and household cleaning products$40.00
Total out of pocket cost for:
One Month$100.00
One Year$1200.00
Two Years$2400.00
Three Years$3600.00
Four Years$4800.00
Five Years$6000.00
Ten Years$12000.00
Twenty Years$24000.00

Bacteria, H2S and minerals cause unnecessary wear and plugging of plumbing and related appliances. Minerals, tastes and odors compel people to use more coffee, cream, sugars and juice mixes to overcome the tastes in the water.
Dryness and irritated skin are a common complaint that can be related to minerals in the water. Minerals cause clothes to wear 20% - 40% faster. In the case of Denim or jeans it is 50% faster.
For every "1" grain of hardness there is 15 lbs of dissolved rock that pass through your lines every year. Staining, water spots and products are made inefficient by the mineral content in your water cause excessive use. ie: Laundry detergent is 1 lb soap to 4 lbs of softener to deal with the minerals.
Remember, Good Water Treatment is an Investment that pays you back, unlike so many things that cost you and give you no return.

"Hard Water" accounts for most of the water problems in your home

Hardness is caused by calcium and magnesium carbonate in your home's water supply. You see the effects of hardness every day:

  • Pipe Scaling Hard water deposits a rock-like scale in pipes - causing corrosion, leaks, restricted water flow and reduced water pressure.
  • Water Heater Hard water forms rock-like scale faster. Scale builds up on the heater element, reducing efficiency and shortening appliance life. According to a recent study by New Mexico State University, soft water can save 22% in water heater energy costs.
  • Fixtures Scale clogs and erodes working parts of plumbing fixtures and appliances often resulting in expensive repairs or replacements.
  • Skin and Hair Scale forms on skin and hair too, dulling the complexion, irritating skin and contributing to hair problems. Soft water is recommended for keeping hair and skin healthy.
  • Glassware and Dishes Soap curds with hard water causing spotting of tableware. Hard water increases soap and chemical costs and seriously affects automatic dishwasher operation.
  • Clothes Hard water dulls colors, makes towels and clothes feel stiff and scratchy and requires use of harsh soaps and chemicals, thus reducing fabric life. Washer manufacturers recommend soft water to lower maintenance costs and increase appliance life.

Analyzing Your Water Hardness

Almost ALL water supplies contain varying amounts of mineral hardness. Hardness is comprised of dissolved naturally occurring substances such as calcium, magnesium and iron and is measured in grains per gallon. The table below is from the United States Department of the Interior and is the standard used to classify water hardness.

Hardness LevelClassification
Less than 1 Grain per GallonConditioned
1 to 3.5 Grains per GallonModerately Hard
3.5 to 7 Grains per GallonHard Water
7 to 10.5 Grains per GallonVery Hard
Over 10.5 Grains per GallonExtremely Hard

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