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Farm Environment

Poultry Operations
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Increases Profits in Poultry Operations

Contamination Sources Water System Contamination

  • E.COLI, proteus, pseudomonas, etc. and feed are introduced into drinking cups by poultry
  • ALGAE, fungus, spores and other air-borne contaminants enter drinking cups
  • IRON BACTERIA, algae and other ground water contaminants are introduced via well water
  • ALL COMBINE and ferment to create a high contaminated water supply-1,000,000 E.coli per cc of water documented

What the Vet says About Water

  • Spread of coryza is primarily through drinking water. Dr. Newman of the University of Minnesota
  • Using drinking water containing high numbers of bacteria increase exposure of G.I. tract to disease Dr. Gonder of the American Scientific Lab
  • The principle environmental factor provoking colisepticemia include contamination of water supply piping and tanks with pathogenic E.coli. Dr. Simon of Louisiana State University

Deep Well Chlorination

An essential part of a total disease control program.

  • Prevents iron/algae fouling of watering cups
  • Reduces need to clean watering cups
  • Keeps fogging systems from iron
  • Produces healthier birds

Provides Sanitized Water Throughout the Water System From Well to Drinking Cups

  • Eliminates stress caused by waterborne worms and parasites
  • Eliminates spread of mycosis, coryza, blue comb, intestinal tract enteritis through water system
  • Increases livability
  • Increases water consumption and weight gain

Chlorination: Poultry Operations

Further Research

Disease, parasites, low weight gains and other poultry problems can be caused by many factors. Many veterinarians are beginning to recognize that one of the most often overlooked sources of these problems is the water supply that the birds drink from. Watering systems are easily contaminated and actually can support and incubate E.coli and other dangerous and harmful bacteria spreading disease throughout the entire flock. Birds drinking from such contaminated water must fight and overcome these problems and reduce their natural immunity to fight off problems from other sources.

The cornerstone of human and animal health is safe water. Without safe water, total disease control is impossible. because chlorine kills bacteria and provides a residual that prevents recontamination, it is the world's most widely used water purification chemical.

In order to turn a profit in agriculture, it is absolutely essential that the highest levels of production be attained. Poultry drinking contaminated unpalatable water cannot produce at maximum levels.

Benefits and Features

  • Provides healthier poultry
  • Prevents spread of water-borne diseases and parasites
  • Provides bacteria-free water for egg washing and clean up
  • Sanitizes the water from well to watering cups
  • Prevents water recontamination
  • Keeps water system open
  • Prevents iron fouling and overflowing of waterers
  • Can be shut off during "live" vaccination
  • Easiest, user-operated chlorinator available
  • Uses easy-to-handle EPA registered dry chlorine pellets
  • Fully adjustable

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Farm Water Requirements

Farm Water Requirements

Farm Water Requirements
Farm Water Requirements